Is it really a toothache???
By drsalzberg
June 28, 2012
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Many times throughout the year, I have patients reporting to my office with a vague toothache that just started up for no apparent reason. The story goes like this:  For the past week, many of my upper teeth hurt, but I just can't tell which one it is.  When we perform our exam, many teeth seem to hurt and there are no cavities.  Often, the patient reports either a cold or an allergy that has started to act up. 

The reason for this is that there is a large sinus cavity above many of the upper teeth, that when inflammed can mimic a toothache. An easy way to determine if this is the case is to take medication to clear up the sinuses and see if the toothache resolves. If it does chances are, the culprit is the sinus and not the teeth.

As always, make sure that you have the condition checked by us, before letting it go. It's far easier to get examined and rule out possible decay or fractured teeth instead of running into more serious conditions.


To your health!


Dr. Salzberg