• Tooth Brushes: Manual or Electric
    Many patients ask us which toothbrush we would recomment for them,  manual or electric.  The answer really depends on the patient.  Both will do a great job if used properly. Read more
  • Lasers to Detect Cavities
    Did you know that some elite dental offices have lasers that can aid in the detection of cavities. We are very fortunate to have such a laser. In the days Read more
  • Gum: The good and the bad
    There is a common misconception about chewing gum.  Many patients think that chewing gum will cause widespread cavities.  Not true. While many gum products have sugar in them (which we Read more
  • Mouth Guards/ Dental Trauma
    With the fall sports season apon us, we see more patients asking us to make custom fitted mouth guards. What many patients don't realize is the true function of the Read more
  • End of the year Insurance info
    Before you know it, the end of the year will be apon us. I would like to encourage my patients to start planning on completing any furture work now before Read more
  • Which tooth whitening system is best?
    There are several tooth whitening systems out there, but which one is best? Well, the answer depends on several factors. Many toothpastes boast superior whitening ability, however most offer only superficial whitening Read more
  • All crowns are NOT created equal
    Many times we get phone calls from prospective patients asking us questons as to how much we charge for a crown. When we ask, "What kind of crown", most are Read more
  • Why does my tooth only hurt sometimes?
    Have you ever had a tooth that only hurts if you bite on it a certain way?  If so, you may be suffering from "Fractured tooth syndrom"   or "Cracked tooth Read more
  • Is it really a toothache???
    Many times throughout the year, I have patients reporting to my office with a vague toothache that just started up for no apparent reason. The story goes like this:  For Read more
  • Lasers and Periodontal Disease Treatment
    In the past, many patients who were cursed with periodontal disease had only one option for treatment, surgery.  With the new laser technology, we are able to treat periodontal disease Read more
  • The Laser is HERE!
    So we have all been waiting for the addition of our Diode Laser for quite some time and I am happy to say it has arrived. We can now treat Read more
  • Out of Town Dental Emergencies
    Many times, patients call our office with dental emergencies that happen while out of town. Here are my recommendations for some of the more common emergencies: Problem:  A temporary crown has Read more
  • Rate Your Oral Hygiene
    How good of a job are you doing with brushing and flossing your teeth? This is an important question, because a healthy mouth depends on regularly removing dental plaque Read more
  • Regular Dental Exams Are Key to Reducing Your Risk of Oral Cancer
    Oral cancer is on the rise in the United States, yet few people are familiar with the disease and its risk factors. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Read more
  • Testing your Knowledge: Dental Implants vs. Bridgework
    When it comes to replacing missing teeth, we have numerous options. However, two of the most common treatment options include bridgework and dental implants. See how much you really Read more
  • You Think You Have Sleep Apnea. What Now?
    Nearly everyone has snored at some point in life. However, if your sleeping partner routinely tells you that you suffer from this problem, you really should take action to Read more

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