Dental Emergency in Paradise

It never fails. You're enjoying yourself on that well deserved vacation in the sun,  sipping on your favorite tropical drink and eating those salty nuts that you like so much and your hear that crack noise!   "What was that?", you ask yourself.  You take something out of your mouth and behold, it's part of your tooth.  You then have a flashback of the last dental visit. You know, the one where you were told that you needed a crown on the last tooth in your mouth because of the old filling that's the size of Texas.  Now you're left with a dilemma. Do you go and try to find a dentist in a town where not everyone speaks Engish or do you try to make due. Well the only other fix is to try to find a drug store and buy a product called "Dental Temporary".  Its a clay like substance that you put into the hole. It gets hard when exposed to moisture. It will at least buy you some time until you get back.  

The best suggestion is try to finish your dental work before you travel. It will save you a lot of grief and buy you piece of mind!


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