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By Palatine Dental
July 24, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Would you like to improve the appearance or function of a damaged tooth? You may benefit from a dental crown. Palatine, IL, dentist Dr. dental crownsHerman Salzberg offers dental crowns and other services and treatments you need to keep your smile healthy.

What are dental crowns?

Commonly called "caps," dental crowns fit over the top of teeth, completely encasing them. To ensure a comfortable fit, the tooth must be reduced in size in preparation for the crown. After your Palatine dentist reduces the size of the tooth, he'll make an impression of your mouth that will be used to create your restoration. Crowns are made of tough materials that closely resemble tooth enamel, such as porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, and resin.

How can a dental crown restore a damaged tooth?

Adding a dental crown can be very helpful if you have a crack in your tooth. Although the tooth may seem fine, it may eventually break if you don't protect it with a crown. Cracks also provide convenient pathways for bacteria to enter your teeth. Once inside, bacteria can cause cavities or infections. Crowns are designed to absorb biting forces, which protects the teeth underneath.

A crown may also be recommended if your tooth has fractured or broken. Broken teeth aren't just unattractive but can be very painful. Thanks to your new crown, you'll be able to chew normally and will no longer feel self-conscious when you smile.

Are crowns used for other purposes?

Crowns may also be recommended if you:

  • Undergo a Root Canal: Root canals remove tooth pulp and replace it with a large filling. Although your treated tooth works just fine, it becomes weaker due to root canal therapy. Adding a crown adds much-needed strength.
  • Have a Filling Issue: Crowns cover fillings that have become loose and are also used as an alternative to traditional fillings if the decayed area is extensive.
  • Are Concerned About a Short Teeth: Short teeth can alter your bite, causing pain and other issues. Crowns extend teeth that are naturally short or have shortened due to grinding.
  • Want to Conceal a Cosmetic Issue: Crowns are used to hide discolored teeth, cover imperfections and completely change the shape of teeth.

Keep your smile strong and healthy with dental crowns! Call your Palatine, IL, dentist, Dr. Salzberg, at (847) 359-6766 to schedule an appointment.

By Palatine Dental
January 18, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

These small restorations offer amazing benefits for those suffering from tooth loss.

Don’t you just feel better when you smile? Of course, if you are dealing with gaps in your smile where teeth used to be then chances are dental implantsgood that you don’t smile nearly enough. Smiling has an array of wonderful benefits for your appearance, confidence and physical health. It lowers blood pressure, helps keep you relaxed and promotes a stronger immune system. So, if you want to enjoy all these benefits that smiling has to offer then it’s time you talked to our Palatine, IL dentist, Dr. Herman Salzberg, about dental implants.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant functions just like a tooth root. This metal post is placed into the jawbone where your missing tooth was. The metal post, along with the bone and tissue, fuse together to become one. Now the implant is ready to support an artificial tooth.

What are the advantages of getting dental implants in Palatine, IL?

While we know you have choices when it comes to treating your tooth loss, dental implants are truly unique because they offer a variety of benefits that other treatments can’t. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • A long-term restoration: Bridges and dentures may last several years but they aren’t designed to last a lifetime. However, a dental implant is designed to last several decades and even the rest of your life with the proper care.
  • A realistic restoration: You don’t have to worry about other people noticing which tooth is the implant and which ones are your real teeth. An implant is as close to a natural tooth as you can get. Plus the implant is covered with a dental crown, which is custom made to match the shade of your teeth so that you’ll have full, confident smile.
  • Restored chewing and speaking: These are habits we take for granted until tooth loss happens. While dentures can slip around and make it difficult to eat all the foods you want, dental implants will stay in place all day every day so that you can enjoy all your favorite foods and confidently speak to those around you.
  • Revived self-esteem: Having gaps in your smile puts quite the damper on your appearance and confidence level, but imagine what would happen if you had a full smile once more? Would you smile more? Wouldn’t you feel better about the way you look? Would you social calendar start to grow? Would you start going to more job interviews?
  • Prevent bone loss and misalignments: Tooth loss can also lead to jawbone loss and cause teeth to shift out of alignment. These are nasty complications that don’t have to happen if you get treated as soon as possible. Dental implants stimulate the growth of new bone cells within the jawbone, preventing it from deteriorating. And since the implant replaces your missing tooth you won’t have to worry about other teeth shifting out of place.

If you are ready to take the plunge and get dental crowns then it’s time you called our Palatine, IL dental office to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to sit down with you and make sure that your smile goals will be met by getting implants.