Gum: The good and the bad
September 14, 2012
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There is a common misconception about chewing gum.  Many patients think that chewing gum will cause widespread cavities.  Not true. While many gum products have sugar in them (which we all know helps cavities develop), most gum products are not as harmful as you might think.

Gum helps stimulate salivary flow, which is a buffer to the acids produced by plaque (which is the main cause of tooth decay).  Chewing a sugar free gum can serve several purposes. First, it helps in dry mouth situations. Second, the bacteria products which cause bad breath are somewhat diluted. Third, the chewing process will help loosen food particals and promote a healthier environment.  

Just remember, not to chew gum while undergoing orthodontics or while having crown or bridge work (it can loosen temporary restorations)


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Dr. Salzberg