Dental Implants
August 28, 2013
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When I discuss replacement of a tooth with a dental implant, some patients perceive them as a very long and expenssive procedure. While that can be the case in certain instances, most implants can be completed in a few visits with moderate cost and time. There simply isn't a better way to replace a single tooth than with a dental implant. We don't have to touch other teeth in order to replace a tooth and the cost is equivalent to a bridge. Most patients that I have placed implants on report very little discomfort. (Cirtainly much less than that of an extraction!) 

In addition, there is a 95% success rate with dental implants which is higher than just about any other prodecure in dentistry.  

If you need or know someone who needs a tooth or teeth replaced, please feel free to ask us. Nothing is more satisfying than a beautiful smile!

Dr. Salzberg :)