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Before you know it, the end of the year will be apon us. I would like to encourage my patients to start planning on completing any furture work now before the mad rush to use up insurance money. In the past we have had patients waiting until December only to find out that there are no more appointments left due to the holidays.  Plan now so that you can maximize your insurance benefits that you have paid for!

It's your money, don't let the insurance company keep it!



Dr. Salzberg

There are several tooth whitening systems out there, but which one is best?

Well, the answer depends on several factors.

Many toothpastes boast superior whitening ability, however most offer only superficial whitening that does not penetrate into the underlying tooth structures.  Hence their whitening ability is very limited.

Whitening strips are another option offered my some companies.  Their whitening ability is better than toothpastes.  The down side is that they come in lower conentrations than professional whitening strips and can cause sensitivity in some people.  Also, they generally take about a month to notice any effect.

In office products that we offer come in several forms:

Britesmile:  The advantage is one appointment and you're done. We can control where the whitening product isapplied so there is less change for sensitivity.

Take home products in the office are also available, and come with desensitizers to help minimize sensitivity.

Please feel free to call the office with any questions.

In any case, it is always a good idea to have us evaluate you before starting any whitening process to help minimize problems


Dr. Salzberg

Many times we get phone calls from prospective patients asking us questons as to how much we charge for a crown. When we ask, "What kind of crown", most are not aware that there are many different choices.  Currently, there are a wide variety of materials and techniques for crowns that serve different purposes. In the past, the choice was limited. Today we offer crowns that can offer the strength and cosmetic advantages that were never available in the past.

Have you ever seen someone with a front tooth that didn't quite match the rest of the mouth?  Chances are, it was a crown that was made and never shaded properly. I have one of the few offices in Palatine that offers chairside custom staining. Which means, when the patient comes to the office to have a front tooth crown delivered, my lab ceramist will be present to add the necessary color ehnancers to make the crown perfect.

So, the next time you hear a friend or family member tell you they had a crown, ask them what kind of crown. The answer you get may be surprising.

To your continued good health,


Dr. Salzberg